Vendor Testimonial – 2 Ocean Court, Altona Meadows 3028

'Words cannot describe how exceptional Sophie Shaw and team are. I am overwhelmingly satisfied with how much the property was sold for and astonished for passing the reserve price. The most significant importance in the whole process was Sophie and team’s efforts leading up to the auction. This included maintaining professional relationships with all potential buyers, communicated on a frequent basis to ensure the best outcomes for everyone. She constantly informed and updated my family and I; as well as continuously reassuring us. She invested all her efforts into this process and I’m so thankful we chose Sophie. Sophie is the most reliable, trustworthy and charismatic agent that I know of, always on time, positive, determined and dedicated. I would recommend Sophie Shaw to anyone who is interested in selling their property as you will receive amazing outcomes and a very loyal agent who actually values you.'[

Paul Ibrahim and family   7/12/12

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