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About us and our phenomenal team

Shaw Estate Agents is a newly developed Real Estate business that is remarkably unique in regards with knowledge concerning the western suburbs, providing a client-orientated focus to ensure constant communication and guidance; and most importantly, trust.  At Shaw Estate Agents, we support every individual to the best of our ability due to the ambiguous nature of Real Estate which may be overwhelming. We comprise of agents that are efficient, intelligent, passionate and reliable as it has become abundantly clear that clients  are not serviced at high professional standards; however at Shaw Estate Agents, we endorse every quality we collectively obtain and support our clients through their journey.

Meet Our Director and Marketing Manager

We comprise of an efficient and well informed team that are capable of anything when it comes to Real Estate.


Sophie CEO





Sophie Shaw is a well known professional agent that has specialized in the industry for over 12 years. During this period she came to the realization that clients are not serviced at high standards and decided to invest her efforts in a local, client orientated business with the central intention of  affording customers optimum experience.

Not only does she acquire extensive knowledge and is trustworthy, she is also client focused, ensures feedback and constant communication. She has received copious amounts of positive feedback for her outstanding professionalism as well as multiple awards that recognize her exceptional performance. Sophie takes pride in her work and endorses her qualities to ensure clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Significantly, Sophie is beyond hard working; dedicating weekends and holidays to clients who need assisting or going beyond expectations to ensure clients are more than satisfied. Conclusively, Sophie is exceptionally passionate, reliant, trustworthy, diligent and charismatic.

To contact Sophie you can email her at realestate@shawea.com.au

Elizabeth is the one behind the works of our amazing social media platform and constant updates to inform our clients of any important information. Elizabeth is currently studying a Bachelors Degree and acquires a multitude of skills in different areas that she endorses in this field. She is highly reliable and trustworthy as she consistently communicates with clients and ensure they receive the best service and feel secure and comfortable.

Furthermore, she is very hard working; dedicating hours and constantly ensuring our clients are receiving optimum service. She  successfully undertakes tasks  in which she has received an abundance of positive feedback in regards to her phenomenal nature.

To contact Elizabeth you can email her at elizabeth.shawea@outlook.com