Buying Information

At Shaw Estate Agents there are numerous strategies we endorse that assist our clients when buying a property. We ensure our clients pursue the right steps in  order to be successful and buy a property that is right for them.

One of our strategic mechanisms when selling or purchasing a house is in a form of an auction, which is highly competitive; this entails the highest bid after the reserve price has peaked and subsequently win the property.  Due to overwhelming competitiveness, we ensure individuals are aware of how to  approach the situation in the best possible manner. We impose  individuals to thoroughly research when an auction arises that they are interested in. Researching about the area, prices and property will ensure you’re educated on pricing and similar figures which will in  itself ensure a substantial advantage. Communicating with agents and people situated in that specific area will also increase knowledge regarding auctions, pricing and locations.

Additionally, inspecting the property is an important facet as it will provide a thorough idea of the appearance and structure of the desired property; in which you can also ask questions regarding the property that will further reassure your decision.  We encourage people to attend as many auctions as they can to rigorously understand the process.

Moreover, on the day of the auction it is important to arrive early and inspect the property once more and ask more questions to eliminate the feeling of uncertainty. Participating in an auction can be overwhelming, at Shaw Estate Agents we provide with thorough, relevant and genuine information to ensure you’re are confident and prepared for the auction.

There are many ways to approach buying a property such as a private sale and we assist all individuals the best we can. We are exceptionally supportive in all aspects and can extend our support to everyone interested in purchasing a property.

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